Concentrating on COVID: The Order of Operations

10 %luck, 20% skill, 15% concentrated power of will, 5% pleasure, 50% pain and 100% to remember the name

~Lyrics: “Remember the Name” by Fort Minor

 Just like the lyrics of this great collaboration of a side project of one of my favorite bands, we have to remember that the order of Operation doesn’t always happen the way we orchestrate.It also doesn’t mean that you don’t need to act out or get out of shape because your plans don’t happen exactly the way you want them to or the same way they’ve been doing for 20 years. After all, we are living in unprecedented times and it had already altered a meeting I have been attending every Monday night for al almost 14 years and yet due to circumstances of our state government, this has been the fourth change to the group since the beginning of COVID. 

Last Wednesday, with almost 8 hours notice, the governor’s office issued several mandates to battle COVID. Many of these were affecting dining venues, however there’s a new mandate limiting indoor gatherings to 25. The group on Monday night has 28 total members and while it would be likely that all would come to the meeting, they could and leadership didn’t want to to turn any away. I have been fighting capacity for nearly the past two months. At work, on the vans to and from, the day program, and now this was.adding to the resurgence.

As a.result, the meeting was just reduced to weigh in which means I would have to be there early, and usually it wouldn’t be a problem. But this week, my dad was taking me and my mom had another engagement.I also wanted to get something to eat and I had medicine to retrieve before the pharmacy closed. Seems simple, right? 

It could have been, but it wusd t, at least to me anyway.

Weigh in was from 5-6 and is 3/4 miles from where I live, the pharmacy is on the other side of town and closed at 5:30. The restaurants are there too. I just couldn’t process that I could pick up my food and keep in the truck with my dad and after getting my medicine and dinner, then getting weighed in, I could go home and eat.

Anyway after many confusing conversations, shouting and many misunderstandings, I figured it out and it did work out the way that my dad processed it. I was always under the beliefs that you couldn’t get food before weighing in. Thank goodness for apps that make this process simple, which I have used before the Coronavirus. The convenience store I ordered from Monday packs everything and you can either go in and grab or get curbside, the latter I used at a national pizza chain, and it worked fine. 

Nonetheless, we as autistics need to realize that while we thrive on routines and enjoy repetitive patterns, it isn’t the sole highway that has to be taken to get to our end destination. I knew what I had to do, but I struggled in juggling it to.get it all done because all I could think about was getting the food last because I would be hungry and there w was not any other option. I knew I had to get weighed and I was near out of medicine, so they w was higher than getting something to eat, however I had to compromise that it would be idiotic to backtrack twice to do things in the order I wanted to. Thankfully, my dad helped me process and prioritize want needed to be done in the course just over a half hour. It can be done, just use those executive functioning skills to make it happen!

One thought on “Concentrating on COVID: The Order of Operations

  1. Hang in there Dustin…one more week of weigh-ins only and then we are going to go back to full meetings—week-by-week of course.


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