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Adulting: Doing the Unwanted

In gaining my skills to regroup for the next  chapter in my life, I have made the decision to do a blog series on Adulting. The seventh installment I have chosen to write about doing things that you dont want to but need to.

Well, another weekend has come and gone, and yet it feels like I progressed no further than I did a week ago. This past weekend, I did have to do some real adulting, and it was tough. I had to buy some home furnishings and the National Emergency made it ever so difficult to do so.

The first thing was a new bed, and while I did have a plan in place to get it, that changed as the store where I bough the mattress set and bed set did not have a bed frame, thus resulting in me needing to making a trip to the super center to make a trip to get a bed frame and other necessary things. The only thing was that the store’s air conditioning wasn’t working properly and it made me irritable. Nonetheless, I made my purchase and headed home to put the bed together.

Only, one thing, the bed frame had an issue and wasn’t working properly. It seemed to have a missing part, and I would have to take it back to the store to make an exchange for a new one as the one I purchased appeared damaged.

I immediately got angry, getting angry at my parents, thus resulting in nearly the same meltdown as last weekend and the weekend before. Only this point, I reduced my parents to tears over how I was acting because they had the last straw to the point that my sister nearly 30 miles away had to intervene and calm me down. It was very sad. The reality, it wasn’t that bad that I would have to do something as mature as return the item back for a different one. After calming down, I put on my “big boy pants” and went back to the super center, where apparently the air conditioning was working and exchanged the bed frame without incident.

Then I came back home and finished setting up my home furnishings that I purchased that day.

See my friends, I know that I could handle being a man and take the item back without incident, however I was immature and made a big production about doing it, for what reason, I don’t know. Maybe, it was the ongoing masking need of the super center (which as of this writing, has become mandatory by their policy.) Or the simple fact that I was tired and that I was just burnout from going to get the furniture the same morning that I just didn’t want to leave the house for what would be a third time in a short number of hours, I don’t know.

Regardless, I take responsibility,and know I need to work on it better than what I have been becausw what I have been doing hasn’t been working and this nonsense behavior needs to stop once and for all. If I want to be in this location, then it just won’t work, and I’ll either be in jail, homeless, or the psych ward, therefore I need to grasp on my emotional controls and that right quick or something drastic could happen. I have to realize that I indeed may have to do some things that I don’t want to do but If I want to grow up they will have to be done.

Here’s to a better week my followers!

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