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A Journal Entry

A Journal Entry: Father’s Day

Today is father’s day, and I have to say it’s going as well as it can be. Except, I had a moment with my dad about not cleaning up my messes around the house. Nonetheless I was “assertive and not aggressive” in my approach, as was he. I think both of us were using our “Teflon skin” at that point.

Anyway, as I gave him his Father’s Day card over lunch, I included part of what I shared in my blog post this morning about Father’s Day. He affirmed that every word of that was true and he too has his own faults and that he’d work on not being so harsh on me. It, for a moment made me happy and positive and made me realize that:

  1. I need to work on being responsible, clean up my messes, clean up myself, so forth in order to make our interactions be positive.
  2. I need to keep building that “Teflon” skin and learn when others are critical of me, to Just let it slide off and not let it stick to me.
  3. I need to be more assertive and not so much aggressive. It’s okay to make your point known but it shouldn’t come across as harsh or nasty or mean. If it goes across gingerly, it is likely to be better related and understood.

Above all the greatest of all is love my friends

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