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A Journal Entry: Cha-Cha-Changes

Sometimes, you don’t realize that you have been through so many changes that sometimes you need to let them sink in and adapt to them. It may be to the point that it may be a lot for me and I may not realize that its overwhelming.

Sometimes, it takes the knowledge that I am walking further in the Walmart and hat I am doing it better and with less difficulty. At my current residence, to get one one of my newspapers requires a 10-minute walk to the mailbox cluster on the primary road. Since the COVID-19, the paper publishes a print edition on the days I am off, 3 days a week. The other paper comes a little bit closer. Anyway, this morning, at dawn, I decided to take a walk to my new receptacle and check it out and get my papers and return, thus making my morning exercise worthwhile. This, my friends is improvement!

Another thing that I need to work on is diffusing the negative traps in my life and spin it into a positive vibe, whatever it may take. It can be a really dreary place in my head with tunnel vision and no sights of their being a happy outcome for me, but that is simply not true in any shape or form. I have more than most do in my situation. A place to stay, a drivers license, a job – that I can call my own, things of my own, skills and abilites, and so forth. I just wish I could see more of what I HAVE opposed to what I WANT. I just wish I could see that more.

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