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A Journal Entry: Back to Work

Yesterday was my first day back to work at my physical site in 3 months, 2 weeks and 5 days.

For the first six weeks I was off for a situation that I had no control of. Once I was scheduled to return to work, COVID-19 came to our area and I was deemed non-essental and required to work from home until yesterday.

I am thankful for my job for I am thankful doe my job and I do enjoy it so. It may not seem like it. Bit I enjoy garnering feedback from those I am involved in my work . Somedays I might be the only person that one may speak to in the course of a day given the situation of the pandemic. By talking to them and sharing an interest in their feedback proves to them (and myself) that I do have an interest in my job.

This past March, I reached my 10 year anniversary with the agency I work for. Yes, I did get a raise, but that is menial to me for a long time It took all I could to show up at work, let alone do the required elements of it. Over the years, I advanced my education, which led to a few additional responsibilities. Also, additional trainings, such as being certified in Mental Health First Aid at both the youth and adult level have paid off in the long run as well.

As I was writing the entire journal entry last night, I just got a group text from my superiors that I did so well today. They were really pleased with my performance today, which I have to say was the best in years. I am so stoked to hear that! Which I realize that medicine is an element crucial to my recovery, as is reducing the amount of caffeine that I consume, which has been good thus far.

All in all, I want to stay at my job for the next 10 if not 15 years to have my ultimate dream. As I returned yesterday, my direct supervisor gave me a birthday gift and a cake to share with the office and my family (one of her talents.) , I was so glad to be back at work yesterday!

Here’s to the next 10 and hopefully 15 years of continued success in my employment endeavors!

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