The Network

We grow up as young boys and girls

We’re told that we are to befriend our peers

Many of peers on peers in school charter these scary waters for the first time we snarl.

For we are doing only what we are told.

We’re included in mates birthday’s

Some are just with us boys, some with the whole class

Because if you don’t invite everyone, it’s against the rules.

The celebrant may not care for everyone.

But the rules are the rules.

Eventually, those years come to an end

There’s dance’s, formals and then it’s a choice if you want to go.

Sometimes those that care for us thinks it’s in our best interest to go, but we get anxious and wonder if we’ll be a butterfly or a wallflower or will we get that dance.

Maybe it’s not our thing, we don’t know and don’t give it a chance.

But sometimes we have to fight those feelings and fight the flight ore we’ll never know what they like.

For we only know who to be alike.

Our school years progress

And we want them to be a success

But it seems like we have to run the gammut of bullies everyday both in real life and online.

All within that finding out we are growing and that our growing life is in line with

For we want to have our own life too

And all this while we have to learn all things new.

For we know the future is up to you.

One day we become a adult. The future is here.

For this we have for a longtime been in fear.

We are finding who we are going to be.

For that decision is for us to be.

We are told to be productive in our lives.

We fulfill our days building our new lives.

But we need something to help out.

Network, Network, Network.

Because it’s the only way we get our feelings out.

We discovered who we wanted to be.

For we are wondering who is interested in me.

It in no way has to be a romantic affair.

We just want someone who gets us without being unfair.

So we search and dig.

For technology has made great progress on this dig.

Because we don’t want to be hacked, defeated or scammed

We dig, dig, dig. For technology helps us without making us crammed.

But you need common sense to not get scammed.

Those life skills are paying dividends.

For an appropriate friendship is what you want to mend.

You’re connected. You learn sometimes chat sometimes not.

For oftentimes we fear we ought.

But it takes time to warm up for the ice to break.

And a friend you should make.

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