Where going to the next level, but nothing’s changing

So another week has came and gone. Last Friday, our State Government announced that effective this Friday morning we will be moving to the Yellow phase of the reopening plan for the reopening plan. However, not much in what was considered my regular routine will continue to exist. I have came to terms that if I do return to an independent setting in the new phase, I will indeed struggle and will absolutely relapse, without a doubt. My parents have been very accommodating by allowing me to stay with them through these trying times, and indeed they have been. They’ve offered me to continue staying here as they know right now it’s to my benefit to do so.

Now I don’t want to deny that in the so called “New Normal” that I will be able to manage, just in these uncertain times I need regularity and additional supports because most of what’s in my routine has been slipped away and even though in my prior routine I did take a day off from work and programming every week sometimes I did struggle.I personally feel that it’s best for me to continue to follow the present routine.

The media does push our government for the guidelines for the next phase, honestly no one in the world has the answer. There’s no vaccine or cure at this point for Covid 19 and there won’t be for some time and it has to be tested and pass through all the regulatory channels before being produced en masse. Nor is there a cute because no one is sure where it came from either.Essentially, it will take some time for either to occur. There’s also uncertainty about a second round of the virus returning this fall, thus restarting the whole process from the start

Coming back round circle to me, I am extremely anxious when going out in public. I do my part faithfully by physically distancing a following our state mandate of wearing a mask, but I get frustrated when others do not practice these new norms. Furthermore, even when stores place barriers and signage up, it is for a reason in order to ensure that we as customers are safe along with the masking and physically distancing. For me to.cross paths with another customer in an aisle going in the wrong direction, flying around me in a rush, not keeping their distance at a cashier stand or not even following the masking mandate not only irritates me but makes me fearful of my safety.

Yesterday was the first time in just shy of two months that I’ve had take out other than pizza. I visited the Subway in our Wal-Mart which like all restaurants is not allowing customers to dine in. I was astonished how clean and the safeguards taken for our safety like not leaving things out like straws, napkins,drink cups, etc. However when a customer takes a chair from atop a table because it’s placed that way for a reason, likewise this was occurring during my turn in line and it did distract me immensely as did the employees. It may have been innocent, but people across the country have been protesting against the restrictions, and I think to the point of obsession with this could be like the Woolworth protest during the civil rights movement, although it was peaceful protest, recent ones have been dangerous. Additionally as I was exiting the store using the designated exit process which required me to enter the store and then turn around and exit, upon exiting, a gentleman without a mask enters the store using the designated exit, nearly brushing up against me. He was scolded for his actions by the attendant who tallies the occupancy of the store. 

Now I know that some people may think it is obsession, but for the average autistic this is a additional topping to the challenge of doing my part to be safe along with tolerating a confining mask, therefore I feel that I am doing my part to protect them even though I have been healthy. I don’t want to come across as presuming everyone I brush into could be carrying the Coronavirus. Its just the simple fact that I am healthy and am doing my part as a member of the community, I just wish those that don’t comply had the same consideration for themselves as I do. Not only is it a “rule” , I just know for me being any stage of ill is no picnic at best, so I feel it is to my benefit to follow the advice of government officials. I don’t particularly like wearing a mask because it constrcts my ability to vocalize properly and it does hamper my breathing among other things, but I compromise and do it because it’s the best thing to keep myself and others safe.

My weight has been unchanged from being at home, however I have been drastically reducing.my soda intake over the past few weeks going from buying at least a case of soda a week to only having a few individual bottles a week. Now I do enjoy my sweet tea on a regular basis by getting my so called “twins” ( two half gallons) at the Wal-Mart each week. Sometimes I do indulge in chocolate milk but in smaller amounts.
Back  to the situation at hand. I have gradually become cognizant of my need to be with my family during this period of uncertainty.  They are diligent in reminding to perform normal tasks such as laundry and cleanup of the areas in their house I use. They have got me medicating again routinely, something I’ve been ill managing for over a year before committing them to following their directive. They make sure that I am awake when I need to be and being where I need to be when I need to be. I have realized that I need to be more consistent with my personal hygiene as many individuals that are on the spectrum are having trouble with as well so it makes me feel better that I’m not the only one that is struggling with this and I need regularity for now. However,everyone is struggling with the great deal of uncertainty right now so I feel that I will manage my present had I’m dealt with right now and see it as an opportunity to adult and grow.

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