Union Station Weekly: Volume 1: Issue 1 (April 10, 2020

As part of my virtual clubhouse attendance we compose a weekly newsletter that is published each Friday, I have decided to include those writings in my Blog

Full Newsletters http://coronavirus.unionstationclubhouse.com/weekly/index.html

COVID-19 Has Me Counting My Blessings

The pandemic has been rough to say the least. I spent almost the past four weeks with my parents to protect both my mental and physical health, due to regulations within my apartment building. Being with my parents in close quarters under these circumstances has been difficult. As I was to return to work three weeks ago when this begun, I was put on hold until just this week where my work hours have been cut in half due to the outbreak. I am grateful for this because I am the only active member still working due to this outbreak. Furthermore, I have been using my spare time to assist in the operation of the Virtual Clubhouse and the Coronavirus Subdomain (www.coronavirus.unionstationclubhouse.com) as well as maintain our private Facebook Group and other related duties. I am so thankful for all my knowledge I have learned over the years in this area. I am appreciative for my Clubhouse friends and family in these trying times and that I can be of assistance to them.

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