Spotted around the web: Sleep problems, social comfort, police training

Research roundup

  • Suicidal behavior may be rooted in people feeling burdened by and excluded from society, both of which are heightened in those with autism. Journal of Autism and Developmental Disorders
  • Sleep problems in autism persist into at least middle age. Autism in Adulthood
  • Autistic people tend to feel most comfortable when they are around others on the spectrum. Autism
  • Children and adults with autism can count their heartbeats — a skill related to processing emotions — as accurately as typical people can, but they display different brain activity during the task. Autism Research
  • A family-based cognitive behavioral therapy may ease anxiety in autistic preschoolers. Journal of Autism and Developmental Disorders
  • Vaccine exemptions for philosophical reasons, as opposed to medical or religious reasons, doubled in Texas between 2012 and 2018, and were concentrated in metropolitan areas. PLOS Medicine
  • Parents of children with intellectual disability have increased odds of mental health problems. The British Journal of Psychiatry

Science and society

  • Some families introduce their autistic children to local police and educate officers on atypical behaviors, such as easily misinterpreted responses to commands. The New York Times
  • A New York state legislator offers suggestions for families to inform and prepare their autistic children for the coronavirus pandemic. Times Union
  • New York state has approved street signs alerting motorists that a child with autism lives nearby. The Buffalo News
  • Two autistic writers share advice they would give their younger selves about fitting into a typical world. Psychology Today
  • The perceived social difficulties of people with autism have more to do with perception than reality. Scientific American
  • The shoe company Vans has released a new line of cushioned slip-on shoes designed for children with autism. CNN

Autism and the arts

  • Autistic artist Julius Trees Parrish is showing his abstract paintings at a gallery in Viroqua, Wisconsin. Vernon County Broadcaster
  • A documentary about an autistic teenager from Iceland who built the world’s largest Lego model of the Titanic premiered this week in Tennessee, near the museum that holds the model. WVLT
  • An artists market and coffee shop outside Detroit, Michigan, trains and hires people with autism and sells their art. Metromode

Originally published on Spectrum

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