The Caffeine Detox

I attempted to forego sodas several times in the past few years, I wrote a post on this a while back. But this most recent one is seeming to stick because I am thinking about it differently.

Growing up as a child due to the onset of my autism and ADHD, I was always told to avoid caffeine. I always did so growing up through my adolescent years until I left for my first stay away from home at the Hiram G. Andrews Center in Johnstown. There, I was given ample access to not only vending machines, but an onsite canteen where there was a plethora of caffeinated beverages. This was the beginning of my “I didn’t give a care” phase.

After graduation, when I moved home with my parents until I moved out in 2018, I continued to battle with my parents over my soda consumption. When I moved out on my own in August 2018, I consumed sometimes to the equivalent of four liters of soda a day, without thinking. Throughout consumption, I became increasingly agitated and the addiction grew. I remember one night with my parents I screamed very loud for a trip to the store, just like a little brat.

Since moving on my own, I made several attempts to break the habit. One I distinctly remember was when I went cold turkey, I laid in my bed for several days and had a migraine. So, I was off the wagon.  In February 2020, I decided to give it up no matter what it took. I spent numerous hours on research and found a gradual detox was the best method. For several years before I started, I would never put ice in a cup. So, I started with one large fountain drink a day and filled it ¾ full of ice and the remainder with a caffeinated soda. The remainder of the day I would refill with water until the Ice dissolved. If I craved a soda, it would be caffeinated, however I would attempt to refrain from diet product as it has addictive sweeteners in it. Now I can’t stand the taste of many diet sodas. I will expend the calories if I can have a caffeinated soda, but only I have them to expend in my food plan.

Mentally, I am doing much better than I previously was. My mood has improved, and I am losing weight gradually, which is the preferred method for my weight loss journey. The cup size has decreased each week, and the caffeinated beverages I rarely crave, if at all. I have replaced most of the soda drinking with either ice or carbonated water. I just want to close with the simple fact is that I never thought I would start doing this or lasting this long which truthfully, I don’t know why I didn’t start this sooner. I am feeling much better than I did in the past, although the cravings come occasionally, I dwell them out the best way that I can.

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