A Christmas Card

A Christmas card.
For many years I just didn’t care about Christmas cards.
Then I moved in an apartment building.
Around the beginning of December each tenant would receive a list of the tenants of the property.

Then they started coming. All hours of the day and night.
Some have candy. Others collectables and bookmarks and such.
Last year I read each card, made mine and didn’t think nothing less.
December 26th last year I went to the Hallmark store and bought a set large enough for this year.

This year I found Jesus.

When we got that list I started writing.
Delivered mine. I was the first one this year.
Then they came. And I read each one
Then there were the others.
From all the groups I was involved in.

Now for a place to put them.
I had them in a bin.

I went to the thrift store.
And saw this unopened card holder.
Mom said I needed it.
Half off helped me decide.
Came home and cleaned.

Then put it up
Then put the cards in.
Counting my blessings at Christmas time for those near and far.

I also paid it forward by sending some out to the shut ins, those here and there with ailments and some individuals on the spectrum who feel alone.
For I feel alone sometimes.
Then I look at all the Christmas cards on the wall and am truly blessed to be here tonight!

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