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You Don’t Always Get What You Want.. But If You Try Sometimes…

If were all adults we all heard the song by The Rolling Stones, “You Can’ Always Get What You Want” sometimes we learn that if we follow the opening operetta that If you try sometimes but if you try sometimes, you get what you need.

This has been a hard thing for me to digest this week for myself. Many things have happened for one thing or another, and oftentimes in the past when I don’t get things my way, I would have a meltdown that would be percieved as I was a brat.

Then I have to remember of how far I have came as an adult in life and acting that was way is exactly as it is percieved as a brat.

Yes Individuals have routines and schedules that we like to follow, however nowadays things happen in life that provide us that are beyond our control, a ill coworker, a flat tire, forgotten trainings or meetings, you name it. They aren’t meant to be diected at you, they happen, they are a part of life and with a simple adaptation, it should be successful.

There is a part of expressing your concern to your superiors, should you need to. I have learned that it shouldn’t be done in a feeling of hate or upsetness, as it can be percieved by the superior amd the colleages as you are targeting them because of somethng that may or may not have any control over. This can lead into precarious situations at times, and if possible could not be percived by those in earshot and could produce a negative image of you later on.

That being said, take time to recollect your thoughts befor expressing your concerns or thoughts about someting so as it is not being percived in a bad way.

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