Aspergers’/Autism and Eating

Today, I came across  a Article on the Autism Speaks Website through E-Mal as we are two weeks away from thanksgiving as AS community was providing resources to get through the holiday.

However, I came across a more interesting article of fascination, the need for specifically a individual to constantly eat, for one reason or another, medicines, inactivity, etc. you name it.

The opening of the article came across a statement of the parents of a 7 Year old with Asperger’s that ate constantly. When the parents tried to control what he ate or tried to get him outdoors, he would sneak food and it would be difficult to get him away from the television.”

I can relate for the majority of my life I did this. However I have changed the habit.

It is known that food control is challenging for individuals on the speectrum. I ate many times till I purged, I snuck food constantly when I lived with my parents, whatever you could imagine, and was bashed for doing so. I was always wanting to eat, constantly and not the right foods.

A suggestion the article provides includes having a regular schedule, of which I try with breakfast, depending on the day anywhere between 6 and 9 am, again depending on where I go. Lunch at 11:30 am, as I follow all three times at Day Program, School, and Home and it helps. Finally., dinner is prepped by myself daily between 5 and six and served after prep.

I was always know as a fast eater, however, this is no longer the case. And my insides know it too, as I am  not in a severe need for the necessity room directly after a meal, nor at risk of purging, as has happened many times in my life.

I am a segregated eater, oftentimes eating one food item before eating another.

Another suggestion in the article is to provide emphasis on physical activity. This has proven true for me and my brain thanks me for it, walking outside or walking at the treadmill help signifigantly to relieve stress and it is proven that I am doing much better in that area since moving more.

Healthier foods is a tip in the article that I have followed in the article for some time now. Eating more home cooked meals and dining out less along with replacing fresh food instead of processed food and trying at best to eliminate sugary beverages, especially those with caffiene help in many areas, including anxiety among other conditions.

With eliminating trigger foods such as vookies, chocolate and other sweet treats that can be harmful, I simply don’t bring them in. Ice Cream, a food I ate at my parent’s house, is never one I bring in my home unless it is a single serving under 220 calories. As for the soda, when I moved in my own home, I began with two liter bottles, then realizing that I was getting nowhere in my healthy lifestyle that I want, so I have for the last few months been limiting the drinks to caffiene free with at least one diet caffiene free beverage on hand, the ultimate goal is to eliminate the beverages all together, but for now I have realized the difference in cutting back just what I have cut back and it is showing on the scale for the better.

I also work with muliple people weekly for total holistic health of mind, body and spirit and it is improving. Some of the individiduals I encounter from a few minutes to a few hours on a weekly basis include a dietitican, personal trainer, psychotherapist, and countless other individuals that compose my support system, not to mention a weight loss support group called TOPS where I weigh in weekly. In fact this week, I have lost four pounds this week and 25 in 13 months, after attend this group for 12 years and gaining very close to sixty pounds after a few months of making some not so good food choices in a independent rebellion of being on my own for a few months and realizing I needed to reign in the controls and be the healthy person I have been longing to be for some time now.



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