Autism and PTSD

A couple of weeks ago I came acroos an article of a 11-year old boy on the spectrum that tried to kill himself after bullies beat him with a metal pole and as a result he had multiple injuries within his body. His mother revealded that the incident has made a lasting impact on him and is being used as a capaign to change the law of bullying.

As a result he had PTSD and a mental breakdown and even attempted suicide shortly after. He was reliving it in his sleep, crying and begging for help, making it hearbreaking for his mother to see.

As a result of his autism it is hard for him to commnicate the way he was feeling, still a few years later. It comes with anxiety and lifelong scars.

The truth is, although I was not  physically hurt by bullying, I to this day however experience trauma very often. Its not as abundant, but it lingers.

I have had a multitude for traumatic experiences through school and other experiences too much to count, however I am getting there slowly but surely.

Since becoming an adult to this day, I like the teen in the article struggle to go out on my own and i dont like large and loud groups, although I just attended a large gospel fundraiser in another town in an unfamiliar venue.

Years ago, I would honestly would doubt my capability to do such things.

I would isolate then with my parents and for a bit last year at home. However, that is different today, now that I gained my wings so to speak.

While I am mentally unable to manage more that two days of work, the remainder of the “work” week is fulfilled with other theraputic, health and vocational commitments necessary the last leg on the journey.

While I accepted at the age of 18, that I had just come off of several years of trauma because of my high school and other related projected, mismanaged social activities, I let it out to my therapist, however for a little over 16 years I did not feel that void with the necessary natural processing material.

Through additional recommended supports, I manage all aspects of life through a multitude of supports, of which I am overly grateful that our county mental health system provies through our behabioral health managed care insurance.

I personally know that the trauma will disappear overnight, but it can be managed with the right supports and following all regulated regimens.

Do not let your PTSD hold back the talets you bear, advovate for the necessary supports and services you need to have in your community to thirve asnd be as independent as possible and take care of yourself too, you’ll be glad you did!

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