Don’t let your Autism keep you back from fun things, persevere!

Many say that having an autistic individual close to Fireworks could cause utter chaos! In fact, I have seen numerous suggestions and reminders to be sensitive to individuals on the spectrum by being considerate of their needs during this noisy holiday. I am learning slowly not to let my Autism define me in the life of me, but define what Autism is.

One time in my life, the small town I grew up in was having a firemen’s carnival. It had came to the point they couldn’t set off fireworks in the park for one reason or another so my grandfather decided to allow them to set them off on our property one year. I was of school age and all I can remember is screaming and crying. I hated it and wanted it to be over, while it was a very nice display, I ruined the evening for our family by what I now know is sensory overload.

Fast forward to 25 years later, I am more understanding of the triggers. Anyway, last night I had went to visit my mom and dad and we were scrolling our phones while I come across the Facebook page of our city’s mayor who said that fireworks would be on tonight.

Now ever since I was a kid I remember sitting on our front wall watching the fireworks from afar, about 3 miles away. However factors that have decreased the ability to view them have occurred over the years. First, trees have grown in the course of the 30 years ago and second, the site where the fireworks are displayed moved to a lower elevation.

Nonetheless, while the fireworks were scheduled to go on, It had begun to rain to the effect that we received weather warnings on our phones. So we didn’t talk about it and I worked on my ancestry on the phone until dark, then Mom asks me if I want to go in town to watch the fireworks? WHAT? NOISES, CROWDS AND PEOPLE! While I am apprehensive about going, I remember that I have my headphones for a coping mechanism and that I could get some really good video for my Facebook page. So I agree with my mom and we head into town.

We park in one of the city’s parking lots and head out on the bridge overlooking the river. We patiently wait while we are surrounded by several spectators, even while there is a festival going on there appears to be some sort of police activity because we see law enforcement and vehicles entering the area of the festival, nonetheless I am just coping by listening to my music, then the fireworks begin. I am not startled, but am enjoyed by the amazing display that is brought forth as well as the great playlist that I have selected earlier this week on Amazon. Anyway, I focused All 16 or so minutes on the videography of the fireworks.

After the fireworks, mom took me home and I go to bed. This morning I got up and the first thing in my mind was to edit the video, which I did and it was one of the best ever. My advice is this, don’t let Autism hold you back from your hobbies you enjoy. Adapt to the environment that is comfortable for you so you can maximize your potential to your fullest ability. Don’t let your autism define you nor dont let it keep you back from something in the end mission that may be a good idea to do, such as fireworks. Now would I have even done this 20 years ago! No WAY! But I have found a huge way to cope and sometimes daily.

PS: The video:

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