Autism Acceptance Month – Day #15: Bullying, Abuse and Grooming by Trusted Adults

Continuing on with the daily discussion for Autism Acceptance Month, we will be talking about one’s independence and how it is for me and what I want and dangers that are out there. This will include topics for all ranges on the spectrum.

Recently,  I have seen an ad on Facebook for a “listening” system for low-verbal and non-verbal persons ont the spectrum. It realized the true reality of abuse by trusted adults and how commonplace it is. The example provided is that this mother purchased the device for her son who was transitioning out of public school and into a day program. She listened for the first time and discovered audibily that her son was being verbally abused to the point he was screaming “Call Mommy.” She came to the rescue and removed him from the situation.

With that ad on Facebook, it brought to light the instances of abuse by trusted bullying, Abuse and Grooming by trusted adults. I have sometimes been a victim of all three during my childhood. However, I have garnished the street smarts in my adulthood to defend safeguard myself from becoming vulnarable.

Looking at bullying, I have never been truly bullied as an adult but according to my last two posts of cyber and physical and mental form. Oftentimes individuals on the spectrum take things literally and as a result I get bullied from time to time both at my day program and in public. Another instance is where another individual spoke out for herself in a public forum and when I was asked for the opportunity to voice my opinion, in which I believe could make her case better, I was shut down by her saying she didnt want to hear from me. One last instance was when I made a nonsence jerk and a bout of laughter at that same day program a week later. Another individual (not mentally well) told me to “shut up” and ” what the f*** was so funny” It hurt my feelings to the point that I didnt want to return to the program after the Christmas Break, which I have been a part of this program since I graduated from High School. While I brushed off the first and last instance I provided, I cant seem to fathom why none of the staff stood up for me in the middle instance. Anyway the individual from the latter instance no longer attends the program, providing some relief. However, taking things literally is something I continue to struggle with constantluy

As for abuse, I have been abused throuhgout Junior High and the occasional corrective hit or two by my parents. It has been tramatic for me to some extent. Addiitonally, there was a time where I had a direct care worker feel the need to restrain me when he felt the instance that I would strike him or cause bodily harm. This, along with other elements of the situation caused me trauma to some point, something that I continually struggle with. In fact, I can not frequent three business in our town of 8,000 that he frequents. One time he touched my backside in a supercenter. This made me regress in therapy for sometime. While he was charged with falsifying a college degree, he served his sentence in a program that resulted in that charge being expunged. In more recent years, he received an award from our local police department for subduing a would be robber in a convenience store. I was apalled, but everybody needs their fifteen seconds of fame and I have had a good share.

He was also a big groomer. While he worked with several individuals, he took a certain liking in me. I would stay at his house while my dad had cancer and was in the hospital. He would buy me things and buy me soda and other things to make me feel good about myself. We would go to restaurants alot to eat. I continually fear being unethical with other trusted individuals as a result.

In closing, we need to be evident of the abuse that could occur by those who cannot properly tell you all that occurs. Many individuals that cannot advocate have their parents who is indeed their best advocate and knows their child best. As for being independent, skills must be occured for an individual to know the difference between right and wrong and how and when to say NO!

Tomorrow, we touch on a rather sensitive subject, bathroom usage. While it is not extremely graphic, the post will contain some unique topics that are prevelent in those on the spectrum.

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