Autism Acceptance Month – Day 3: Why do I support Autism Speaks

Note: I am not encouraging you to like or Support Autism Speaks, The purpose of the today’s post is to explain why I support the charity. Shall you find it in your heart to donate to our team, please click here.

While the integrity of charities is tested from time to time. Autism Speaks has certainly been through the ringer over the years. Many think that their CEO makes an exorbitant amount of a salary, and they were thought of attempting to seek out a cure for autism (please, there will never be). After being placed under a microscope, they have been steering their coffers towards much prevalent needs like insurance advocacy, advocation and linking supports to those in need, etc. They do research about causes and genetic links as to how it is acquired and distributed.

Absolutely, first and foremost, I disencouage autism as a disease, but rather a condition that needs care and NOT a cure. I want to bring that straightforward. Other avenues they provide include awareness/acceptance initiatives, early intervention screenings, improvement in the transition process, Ensuring Access to Reliable Information across the Life Span.

It should also be noted that now 85 cents of every dollar funds research, advocacy, programs and services. More than 18 million people have received free autism information and resources.

As there are several autism non-profits out there, none is now bringing it to attention than these guys, they have woken up and smelled the coffee and and discovering the need as it is lifelong and isn’t going anywhere.

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