The forgotten history of Autism

Today, I came across the TED talks from 2015 entitled “The Forgotten History of Autism”. While many do want to believe that vaccines cause Autism, this is certainly not the case, in fact it was a diversion from when it was broadened in the 1980s by Lorna Wing and her associate. More so, she her husband found a 1944 finding by a gentleman named Hans Asperger. This was how it was formed and sadly it was brought forth when published, however as Germany was a horrible place due to WWII at the time, it was ignored for decades, often times resulting in those with the characteristics being placed away from the family.

Nonetheless, about the time of the expansion, let’s say around 1988, the film Rain Man came abreast. I do have to say that I have glimpsed at the film a time or two, however I do find it disturbing to watch it as it makes me uncomfortable to relate because I know I have the quirks of Autism and I don’t like to have my own, let alone. see someone else have a meltdown or similar action.

Likewise, many do ask me, including family, if I watch more current shows, such as Atypical and The Good Doctor. Again, I struggle with this constantly as I only want to see a good out of someone’s autism, I however do know and will not blindsight the fact of wrong behavior and meltdowns, as i myself do struggle and know that it must be displayed to television, it just sets triggers in my mind an makes me very traumatic.

Nonetheless, back to the historical and present issue at hand. Many parents today think that indeed vaccines do cause Autism, may I again reiterate, this is simply not the case! And this is nothing new, I recall about the time I was diagnosed, there were many reports saying that the MMR vaccine caused such activities. Myself having it two years prior and about 13 at the time was indeed confused in my Asperger’s mind that my parents willing fully caused this disorder my life. Time to time, they reiterated that this was simply not the case and that there was other theories such as air pollution,etc and that I know of at least two other parents that had children in the same time that lived in close proximity to the house my mother was in. That was simply common myth and as we know there is no exact cure for autism, nor will it be cured.

However in recent years, many parents believe in not vaccination, simply in fear of autism. There has been several outbreaks of communicable diseases in this decade as a result of this choice. In fact there are several “anti-vaxxer” Facebook groups out there. Some of those on the spectrum troll them. While I do agree with anti vaccination, I would never troll on a group that I have a hate for. Some on the groups complain about getting counseled at the doctor, and many states do allow decisions on the basis of the religious order, I feel that many of the practical religion groups would encourage protection from severe illness.

Lastly, let’s take a look at a man from Ohio who just came of age. He wasn’t vaccinated because his mother believed in it caused autism. However, he did research and due to the Ohio Law, he got vaccinated recently when he turned 18, because it was what he believed in, yes he and his mother get along, although their opinions on the issue are still different.

In closing, is it worth the possibility of infecting others simply because of not wanting another disability, which while is very variable in severity, however can be pretty awesome, I might add.

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