Vlog of the Week: Always Asking

Vlog #223: Always Asking

In this video, I share how autistics, particularly neurodiverse individyaks coupled with other challenges struggle with always second guessing or self-stigmatizing themselves.

VLOG #242: Seeing Through The Clouds Dustin's Dynasty

In this vlog, I share how it can be hard to see through negative instances or when things do not go according to plan and how to focus on the positive things in your life Visit my linktree Weekly E-Blast Sign-up Website & Blog Social: Facebook Twitter Instagram Pinterest Podcast Platforms: Spotify Anchor Google Podcasts Amazon Music Pocketcasts Radio Public
  1. VLOG #242: Seeing Through The Clouds
  2. That was Then, This is Now.
  3. Wellness Wednesday: A Better Relationship with my Health
  4. Reflections: Three Years Better
  5. Adulting: Routine, Regimen and Purpose

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