Vlog of the Week: Always Asking

Vlog #223: Always Asking

In this video, I share how autistics, particularly neurodiverse individyaks coupled with other challenges struggle with always second guessing or self-stigmatizing themselves.

VLOG #224: Reacting to Negative Outcomes Dustin's Dynasty

CONTENT WARNING: Death of an Autistic Person  In this video, I share one example of how an autistic person reacted to being told NO and conseqently resulted in them being deceased, therefore I feel it is important to make aware of how I understood the reality of the need to not react negatively to things that I do not want to hear. Visit my linktree Weekly E-Blast Sign-up Website & Blog Social: Facebook Twitter Instagram Pinterest: TikTok Tik Tok Mirrored YouTube Channel Podcast Platforms: Spotify Anchor Google Podcasts Amazon Music Pocketcasts Radio Public: iheartRadio
  1. VLOG #224: Reacting to Negative Outcomes
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  5. Reflections: A Mother’s Love

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