COVID-19 Series

Concentrating On COVID: Continuing to Have the Right To Vote

Over six and a half months now into the COVID pandemic and still not a cure. Many are praying, not only for that but the US President was hospitalized over the weekend after contracting a positive COVID test at the end of the last week for him and the First Lady of the US. He is as of today released from Walter Reed Hospital where he is doing better. But will now be that keystone moment that a cure or treatment is found?

Now, as you are reading this you are probably thinking post of being a political nature, however I guarantee that it is not at all. To be honest in my opinions on politics, I remain neutral, I just take a back seat and listen nor do I divulge who I elect on any election day. That is one great right in our nation is that there is no record of where the vote comes from. I even feel more secure about this as I moved back in to my old precinct this election and would have been voting at a very small municipal hall, where I would have had to run the gauntlet of political cronies trying to sway me to vote for whoever paid them cash for the day to politicize them. The ultimate danger to a person on the spectrum is the multitude of these characters jumping in your face conveying in a few short seconds why you should vote for this person and what they will do for you should they become elected. I have heard that every vote count, but in the grand scheme of things, its just that one person’s vote from one in almost eighty precincts in one county of sixty-seven counties in one of fifty states and five territories in this great nation where we have the freedom to do so.

I am just thankful that we as Americans (and other nations that can) have the right to vote. It is something I do not take lightly. I think voting is an important piece of democracy that makes any nation (including the United States of America) great. I think it is important to do so when you can. Especially in Pennsylvania where even individuals that are protected under guardianship orders have the right to do so, whereas in other states they do not have this right. Also, another new privilege is the Mail-In Voting. This was put into our laws pre-COVID, so the plans were in place and I am a willing participant of this. I did its last election simply because I was registered in different precinct than I was staying at the moment (but I still technically resided there, so it is not considered fraud.) Yes, I did  vote by mail, however there is now an opportunity to drop the ballot off at the local board of elections which is only a few blocks from my day program, so I will be taking advantage of that this year simply because of all the horror stories I have heard about the Postal Service, even in my own state.

Regardless, it doesn’t matter to me if it is a Presidential, Mid-Term, Gubernatorial, County, or  Municipal Election, I can count on my own two hands how many times since reached the legal age of 18 to vote, (16 years – My First Election was a presidential second election) I have not missed the voting booth. I cannot say it wasn’t easy to run that gauntlet past all those campaign workers to enter the municipal shed to cast my vote, but I did it and I felt so much better when I did. When I started, we used the old lever system and transitioned to electronic and paper devices, of which is of our second revision here. Regardless, oftentimes I have used a paper ballot because I felt certain this was the  best way that my vote would be counted and I feel proud when I would visit that polling place and see that American flag  to see that I voted as a sense of doing what I could for my country.

My summary is, regardless of who you vote for this Presidential Election, I will still be your friend. I will still be friends with you on Facebook. I will not shame you because I dislike your choice either. Friends in the past didn’t split up because they voted for different candidates and I don’t think now is the time we start doing that either, we need friends more than ever now!

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