Union Station Weekly

Union Station Weekly; Vol. 4, Issue 1; October 2, 2020

A September of Getting Back on Track

As many persons during this pandemic, I have experienced a weight gain from being cooped up in their homes and not being able to get out as much as they did previously. This is partly due to many of the public parks being closed during the spring months. Before that time, local parks were being used much more than they were in the past due to the pandemic. Likewise, I have increasingly gained weight without being able to attend weight loss group meetings for six months since the beginning of the pandemic. One group has not resumed and the other has resumed but out of fear for my health have refrained from attending. To combat this situation, I have weighed myself on the Clubhouse scale each time I visit, particularly on Wednesdays when I am here the full day. As of this writing, I have seen a decrease of 6.4 pounds with a average of two or so pounds lost per week. I contribute moving more and eating less, an old adage to losing weight as a successful tip towards being successful in this process. Last Wednesday, I returned to the walking group we have at the Clubhouse and was amazed that I walked nearly a mile. I did hurt, but am doing much better. Even simple trips to the gas station and Walmart are much more comfortable as a result.

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