Union Station Weekly

Union Station Weekly: Volume 2: Issue 4: Anxiety and Depression

Both Depression and Anxiety have been giving me a swift kick during the pandemic.
It was pretty severe from the day that the Clubhouse facility closed until virtual clubhouse commenced., especially the depression. I would sleep excessively and my mother became increasingly concerned that she took it upon herself to contact my therapist. Luckily, 14 days after the Clubhouse building closed, virtual clubhouse began. That service has and continually helps me during the pandemic. Although I have since returned to the Clubhouse and work for some part, I still
utilize the virtual services as needed.

As I am writing this, I had to work from home today, and I now realize that I should have attended the virtual meetings today, because if I do not start my day with that interaction, a lot of depressing negative activity and anxiety build up within me. As an almost 16 year member of the Clubhouse program, I realize that I need some kind of interaction and/or activity to fulfill my day, otherwise the majority of the day will be negative quite quickly and can be a very hard way to cross back to the positive side, as it is now 7 o’clock and I am starting to do so.

Anxiety still plays a great part in this pandemic as it does for many, I am still fearful to go to large
events or eat in a restaurant and have made the decision to start my appointments in person this
week, of course following guidelines, as I have began work last week and in-person services the
week prior Sadly, it is indeed of what is called the “new normal”, and I have realized that is for everyone’s own good to do it, because if we become lacking in the guidelines, we could backtrack to
yellow or red level and have to start back in the traces again. I also have to remember that my
parents have underlying health issues and I too have to be mindful of their needs and issues.
All in all, we’ll get there together as we all fight this stuff together and everyone in the Clubhouse
family has been doing awesome in this regard!

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