A Journal Entry

A Journal Entry: Burnout Is Real

Today was yet another rough day, but I managed to get through it well enough not to make it a noticeable one. I was burnt out by the hour and a half fan ride to Clubhouse, dealing with the morning festivities there, then 5 hours of work, back to Clubhouse for a meeting and then a half our fan ride home although shorter it was tough.

With me returning to weight loss support group on the horizon and the change is associated with COVID-19, I thought it would be best to sit it out tonight. Because of all that transpired today and I’m glad I did.

I laid down in bed and fell asleep for at least half an hour, maybe more. Still, I am unsure of how long it was, but, one thing is certain I feel totally different and better than I did before I laid down.

Autistic burnout is real my friends, and if you don’t take the time for self-care, you will regret it in the future.

I really had all intention of going tonight, even though I gained weight. Although my family thinks different,

I just know internally I couldn’t handle it and needed to slow back and take it all in and lay down and take all the worries off and be good I will work on my weight next week but I know I’m doing way better tonight by staying at home

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