Thanksgiving Cooking, 2019 Edition: Friday Before

Cambria's Big Fat Autistic Blog

I just took the turkey out of the freezer. Fortunately, there was enough space to put the giant bird in the pan I am using to roast it. Also, there is enough space to put the rest of the dinner in as well, when my mother and I are done with Thanksgiving.

This year, we have a big menu. We have more dishes than we do last year, and a couple of them have ingredients we need to buy the night before. (We’re having banana croquettes, and here, bananas need to be bought this coming Wednesday.) But everything else, we’ve got.

Can you believe we haven’t gotten a pumpkin pie yet? Basically, we’re waiting for the store to get some in the freezer section. Every time we’ve gone, there are no pumpkin pies. (I wonder if I can talk my mom into an apple pie this year?)

As I have…

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