Learning Disability at work week

Then and Now Through an Aspergers Eye

Apologies this is a fairly late post, I did mean to write sooner but I only heard about this event earlier this week and I had a few things occupying my time apologies again

This week from the 18-22 was Learning Disability’s at work week. As a person on the spectrum who struggled for years to find employment I fully support this. The week may be over but Mencap still offers wonderful resources and tips for employees, employers and jobseekers see the below https://www.mencap.org.uk/get-involved/learning-disability-work-week

My trust was very active in helping to promote this week the below is taken from an email sent round:#HereIAm is what we are using for this year’s Learning Disability Work Week which promotes the message that people with a learning disability have a voice too.

Its not to late either the week may be over  but you can still share your story. Please do not…

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