Reflections: Defending The Truth

Keeping on track with yesterday’s blog of accepting Reality, what often follows up is a cause to react when confronted of our realities that we immediately defend ourselves with why we do things the way we do or the picture we paint of what we want others to believe is the truth, but we are only kicking the truth further down the road and not accepting that we need to work on ourselves.

Adulting: Accepting the Reality

Accepting the reality of where you are in life and what you need to work on can sting worse than a bee. I know they are unhealthy for me and that they need to be improved, yet I continue down the same path because I don’t want to accept the reality of needing to do something because it is healthier for me.

It Doesn’t Cost Anything To Be Nice

Over the past weeks when being out and about, I have had to learn that regardless what someone ha cause me or what I personally feel about them, I musnt treat them differently because of that, I have to remember that they are just a person as much as I am and it doesn’t cost anything for me to be nice to them.

Reflections: Accepting Autism

For the month of April and Autism Awareness / Acceptance Month, I have been writing on how the acceptance of the autistic community has increased in the 23 years since I received my diagnosis under the autism spectrum. This past week, I learned that even more acceptance has been seen, but yet we still have a ways to go.

I’ve Come A Long Way!

Sometimes, living in the present moment where my life is constantly evolving it can be hard to realize how far I have come since getting my diagnosis 23 years ago. Sometimes it takes until you have a reminder of someone who has helped you get through the worst of times and only do what they knew what they could to try to help get through the day.

Wellness Wednesday: Doing What’s Important

Life is challenging. For me being autstic, managing all of the challenges life brings particularly in being well and independent are especially challenging for me at times. It can be hard to fight the challenges that I presented with internally and externally and still keep it together despite a world that I am just not wired for.

Reflections: Things Take Time

Following up with yesterday’s blog where I learned that we must be in a dynamic at times that we may not want to be in. We must also understand that we cannot be in a rush to get where we want to go either. Whatever place we are in our lives, we must take advantage of what it has to offer and while at times it may seem challenging or we may want to regress to something unhealthy, we must persevere in the present moment while using the tools in our toolbox. 

Wellness Wednesday: Dealing With Body Image and Self-Worth

Recently, I have been dealing with accepting my body image and being proud of it. It can be hard for a person of my size to be proud of my body when I know it needs a lot of work that is truly my responsibility to work to make improvements to it. However, being such, it can be difficult to accept compliments from others on my appearance because I do not believe that I am worthy of it.

Adulting: Only Held Back By Fear

I continue to live the way I live in life because what I really want in life is held up by a huge wall of fear. Fear of what? Something not going the way it is supposed to be? Fear I cannot do it? Fear of doing something that you’ve never done or leaving the only thing you've known all your life? It’s all fearful. I won’t lie.