Jumonville Looking Down at Spring

Adulting: Keeping Positive Energy

For the majority of my life, I could never see the positive of a situation. No matter what was presumed of a situation, I would bring up some sort of negative connotation or the worst thing about something that could be intended to be a nice day out.

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Reflections: Regognizing A Return

A few weeks ago, I made the opportunity to do some of the things before things changed drastically in my life in 2020. It felt good in a way, but I do know that I need to continue to work on things and get back to where they should be from years ago,

Blue Knob State Park PA Family Cabin Shower House
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My Constant Journey With Self-Esteem and Negative Thoughts

Our mind can be our own worst enemy. For me, I have experienced decades of being told what I did wrong and the bad things I was, this in turn has lowered my self-esteem greatly, yet I am working on turning my thought patterns around.