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Sense of Accomplishment.

For some people it's easy to join a gym.For me it was hard to do just that.

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Wellness Wednesday: Understanding Your Limits

Sometimes being autistic, it can be hard to understand that your body has a limit on what it can do. As such I have learned the hard way that things have to happen in order for me to be my best self and not fall into the trap that I have long fallen into.

Adulting, Independence

Adulting: Rumination

For a majority of my life I have had periods of ruminating thoughts enter my headspace. Like last week’s adulting blog post on Intrusive thoughts, the intrusive thoughts become ruminating thoughts when the “loop” over and over in your headspace non-stop.

Open Topic

Not Falling Back

Sometimes as autistic people, we are gullible to believe everything we hear and think something may work for us. In reality, it can be more damaging than you can imagine and the time to bounce back from where you were is a challenge. Three years from hitting rock bottom, I hope I can keep moving forward and less backwards.