A Journal Entry

Being Strong Through Change

The past few years have had changes that are beyond my control.For years past, I had the theory of “take my marbles and go home.”Like what someone does at a bank when they can’t get what they want and move their money.There are reasons people move from place to place, that is of their own… Continue reading Being Strong Through Change

A Journal Entry

The Battle of Overthinking

So much of what I think about is a battle. I overthink the simplest of things. Things that should be a no brainier. Things I know are the right thing to do. Temptation strikes rough and sneaks up on you. It contributes to the overthinking... Bringing up flawed thoughts about things that have no merit.… Continue reading The Battle of Overthinking


Reflections: Being Happy With Life Now

After working to let go of what was over the past few weeks, I am beginning to learn to accept that I need to be thankful for where I am and that I am in a better place than the past. Although there were benefits to the past, the outcome now outweighs the struggles of the past.