A Journal Entry

Maybe They’re Right

Life seems to be easier now. Maybe because I have listened to what everyone has told me all my life. Maybe I shouldn’t have brushed off their words with harsh statements. I just couldn't see the benefits of what they were telling me to do. Or maybe I had to learn what to do my… Continue reading Maybe They’re Right

Open Topic

Radical Acceptance

We’ve talked some on radical acceptance in both the Adulting and Reflections columns of my blog, but what I had to understand recently is the fact that radical acceptance is what is needed in order to endure what I need to do in order to be well.

Early 2022 Sunrise
Wellness Wedbesday

Wellness Wednesday: There Are Bad Days Too

When people think of being autistic, they often think of it as this profound way of thinking we are unable to do things that neurotypicals can do. We can and wes often put up a lot to be included and do everything else that we are asked to do, but not every day is perfect, nor can it be.

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Adulting, Independence

Adulting: Purpose

I am not surprised that I haven’t written about having a purpose as the  topic for the weekly adulting post of my blog. Sometimes, you just have the epiphany to know about something that you just have to share it. Last week was one of those moments where I learned I need to have purpose in my life.