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Adulting: Knowing When To Care For You

When we are an adult, we have responsibilities that we must engage in, especially if they allow us to have the life we want to have. However, there are times when I recognize that I just need to take a day off and regroup for the purpose of my mental health.

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The Outside World

As the world is progressing towards accepting the global pandemic of COVID-19 that has been looming over all the world over the past three years, I am starting to realize how much it changed me from doing some of the things that I used to do in life and how much my life has changed since the pandemic,

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Wellness Wednesday: Having the Reason To Live

Note: The topic of suicide is mentioned in this blog post. If you feel you are in need of crisis support reach out to the Suicide & Crisis Lifeline at 988 (In the US) or visit my Mental Health Crisis Resoueces on the website.


Reflections: Getting Through the Rough

Being autistic is not something that comes easy. There are oftentimes more rough moments than the moments that shine. Even though the rough moments feel like they are the worst possible thing to happen to you, you have to remember that better days are ahead.

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Adulting: Processing A Crisis

The things that autistic adults such as myself do when we are faced with the challenges of getting through the tough times has astonished me. It has shown me that no matter what I face, I can get through even the toughest of times, even when I fall rough.

Healthy Lifestyle, Wellness Wedbesday

Wellness Wednesday: Food’s Relationship

Whether I like to admit it or not, there is a relationship to the food that I consume and the effect it brings on my emotional behavior. In relation to other things in the journey that I have been facing, I must realize that food plays a part in the relationship I must endure and having the right food helps.


Reflections: Four Years…Much Growth

With the new developments in the new year, I have been reflecting deeply on where I was four years ago as the bottom was starting to fall out on my mental wellness. It reminds me that I never  want to get to that point again, to try to strive better and advocate for change,

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Understand The Story

TW/CW: mention of suicide*from solely my perspective*As I started my day today, I felt intense hunger pangs. Being autistic, I struggle with interception and as such my body was telling me that I needed to make nourishing my body a priority.My automatic response was looking at being lazy and having breakfast brought to me, however… Continue reading Understand The Story

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Doing Better & Moving Forward

As I started the new year, I mutually made the decision to discharge from a mental health service that felt that I am at a point of wellness that it has become more of a struggle to find issues to address.. It is accepting that I am improving my mental health journey and am ready to move towards bigger and better.

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Radical Acceptance

We’ve talked some on radical acceptance in both the Adulting and Reflections columns of my blog, but what I had to understand recently is the fact that radical acceptance is what is needed in order to endure what I need to do in order to be well.

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Adulting: Purpose

I am not surprised that I haven’t written about having a purpose as the  topic for the weekly adulting post of my blog. Sometimes, you just have the epiphany to know about something that you just have to share it. Last week was one of those moments where I learned I need to have purpose in my life.

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Just Like The Moon…

Just like the moon phases, anger is something that comes and goes through me constantly thinking about things that I think I can control but I know that I don't have the power or authority to change things beyond my control.

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Adulting: Reframing Behavior

I am accepting and learning that in order to stop feeling so miserable about my life that I need to reframe former behaviors that I once had from happening in my life. It is no one’s fault for those behaviors, it was the fact that I valued them more than they needed to.