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Meltdown Epiphanies

It has been some time since my last meltdown, but I have improved significantly since then. There are many factors that made me realize that I want to avoid having them and that employing the proper coping strategies, defense mechanisms and safeguards will help me achieve that

Family Farm Panorama
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Reflections: Grateful for Independence

In continuing this week’s blog of Independence-Dependence, I had several examples of why it is important to be thankful for the ability to live independently and have a place to call home. After losing my first home, I now realize how close I was to losing the opportunity of ever being independent for a long time.

The location in what is now my town that was first settled in the 1700s
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Adulting: Breaking Points

All human beings have breaking points when becoming irritated. However, autistics have certain triggering and breaking points that because of sensory or other overload or triggers of information that may be empathetic of how their day is that it becomes the point that they reach their breaking point.