Reflections: Three Years Grace

Recently, while in the process of discovering what a better life is for me, understanding things and giving myself grace for the things I have endured over the years. I count my blessings of how lucky I am to be here and not be as damaged from my decline and rise above it

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The Man And The Mirror

Novrmber 13, 2022 - Three years from the day of a what I call a Nice Selfie in 2019, as I and the world was starting to crash.

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Reflections: Counting My Blessings, Two Years Later

Today marks the 25th month of living in my current home. It is something that I continue as I close on the second year of living here. My blessings and gratitudes of having more of my own life as we move into the better future and good times ahead.

West Yough Boardwalk March 2022
Adulting, Independence

Adulting: Sense of Freedom

Being independent comes with a sense of freedom, From how we choose to decorate, buy, wear, our routines, our interactions, our involvement and so much more. What also comes with freedom is an equal amount of responsibility to carry out that freedom. In order to maintain optimum independence, both must be maintained sensibly.

Adulting, Independence

Adulting: Community

As the COVID-19 Pandemic begins to wane and winter weather starts to subside, I am beginning to retrace my steps back to where I left off a little over two months ago. Now being more grounded and having more skills in my toolbox, I feel that I can champion the next goal I have and that is being part of the community I live in.