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Same battle… Different Day

24 hours ago I was in the same state that I was in a few minutes ago.Battling whether or not to take my bedtime medication.It's a battle I've fought since being independent almost 5 years ago.And although today is the 8th day I've consistently won the battle, it's the second day in a row that's… Continue reading Same battle… Different Day

A Journal Entry

The Battle of Overthinking

So much of what I think about is a battle. I overthink the simplest of things. Things that should be a no brainier. Things I know are the right thing to do. Temptation strikes rough and sneaks up on you. It contributes to the overthinking... Bringing up flawed thoughts about things that have no merit.… Continue reading The Battle of Overthinking

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Sense of Accomplishment.

For some people it's easy to join a gym.For me it was hard to do just that.

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Wellness Wednesday: Understanding Your Limits

Sometimes being autistic, it can be hard to understand that your body has a limit on what it can do. As such I have learned the hard way that things have to happen in order for me to be my best self and not fall into the trap that I have long fallen into.

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Adulting: Rumination

For a majority of my life I have had periods of ruminating thoughts enter my headspace. Like last week’s adulting blog post on Intrusive thoughts, the intrusive thoughts become ruminating thoughts when the “loop” over and over in your headspace non-stop.

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Not Falling Back

Sometimes as autistic people, we are gullible to believe everything we hear and think something may work for us. In reality, it can be more damaging than you can imagine and the time to bounce back from where you were is a challenge. Three years from hitting rock bottom, I hope I can keep moving forward and less backwards.

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Adulting: Intrusive Thoughts

Having the comorbidity of Anxiety alongside being autistic can provide many challenges for me. One of those challenges I constantly battle is intrusive thoughts. These thoughts often pop into my headspace without warning and at times loop very much to the point they bring me down.

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Understand The Story

TW/CW: mention of suicide*from solely my perspective*As I started my day today, I felt intense hunger pangs. Being autistic, I struggle with interception and as such my body was telling me that I needed to make nourishing my body a priority.My automatic response was looking at being lazy and having breakfast brought to me, however… Continue reading Understand The Story

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Adulting: Reframing Behavior

I am accepting and learning that in order to stop feeling so miserable about my life that I need to reframe former behaviors that I once had from happening in my life. It is no one’s fault for those behaviors, it was the fact that I valued them more than they needed to.

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Overcoming Anxiety

One of the biggest challenges I have experienced in my life that I am still overcoming is my anxiety. It is a common comorbidity with autism and as such can produce many challenges in the daily lives of the autistic person, and as such I am no casualty in this regard.

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Adulting: Challenging Thoughts

In the past week, I have been experiencing challenging thoughts. Not only are they in my headspace, but I also, when in private, script them. This can set the tone for the outlook that I have on my life and as such can bring down my self-esteem greatly.

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Adulting: Self-Sabotage

Recently, I have been mostly in a bad spot. I have realized that I have spun into this pattern of self-sabotage of not wanting to reach out to those that reach out to me for friendship and support. I live in fear of many actions that I have experienced in past experiences and relationships that came mostly from toxic people, although not all people are that way, I automatically jump to that theory because of having many toxic relationships and having skewed thoughts.