June 2022 Sunset

Reflections: When the Internet goes out, What do you do?

A few weeks ago, central service lines to a neighboring broadband provider were severed, thus incapacitating broadband and TV services for a majority of the county in which I reside.There have also been instances of power outages in order to upgrade services in some areas in recent weeks. Although I have been mostly spared by these outages, I have begun to think as many autistics are technology dependent for the sole purpose of entertainment and information, it is imperative to have a “back-up” plan should that ever happen.

Looking at the Lake
Adulting, Independence

Adulting: Being Proud of Your Talents

Being an autistic adult, I always want to throw a pity party about how bad life is for me. Sometimes, all it takes is a good therapy session for someone to remind me of all the talents I have and how I yet shy away from showing who my true self is so others can applaud my efforts that I do for the community both far and wide.