A Journal Entry

Sense of Accomplishment.

For some people it's easy to join a gym.For me it was hard to do just that.


Understanding My Words

Sometimes we don’t think before saying something. I have been guilty of doing so time and time again. Yet, I say statements that are many times simply not true, but are used as a way of wanting attention. Some of these statements can be very harming or hurtful to others and while they are meant, sometimes they cannot be retracted.

Penn Highlands Connellsville Hospital
Adulting, Dignity & Respect, Independence

Adulting: Navigating Negativity

Many times, those who do not know my whole life story approach me and say “you are such a positive person.” I acknowledge that but in reality, fighting the ability to remain positive can indeed be very challenging for me.

Memorial Bridge Panorama 2019
Adulting, Independence

Adulting: Battling Self-Pity

was sulking in self-pity over the simplest of things for no reason at all. As November is a great month to be thankful, of which I have many things to be thankful for. I wanted those close to me to draw attention to me and feel bad for me and I wanted to feel pity on myself because things don’t go to my plan.