Concentrating On COVID: Setting Priorities to Return to the Community

Having received my second dose of the COVID-19 Vaccine and while I am not completely certain that the end is in sight, although there is a glimpse in the eyes of many of an end being there. As being independent again for almost six months, mostly under a heightened state of staying at home and remaining idle. While it is recommended to wait the two weeks to assure Immunity, I need to gradually work at getting out of the little burrow that I have dug myself into.

Concentrating On COVID: One Year…

Today marks one year since many, including myself entered a world of unknown..However, as we hit the one-year anniversary as the world we live in change dramatically, mental health in everyone is declining, not just in the autistics and individuals diagnosed with mental, intellectual or developmental dragonesses, but those who wouldn’t have any issue at all.

Concentrating On COVID: Pros and Cons

Whilst many people do have to daunt the PPE and become tired in doing so, they have to remember that there are still individuals than cannot return to normalcy by having places closed or having services delivered another way, I get it, we as autistics can be tired of the sudden changes this presents with roving closures and sudden changes and while for many autistics this adapting to change isn’t our strong suit, by having to likely is teaching us a life lesson in doing so,

Concentrating On COVID: The Vaccine

Vaccination Clinic

Likely you turn on the TV today and you hear about “the vaccine”. Like the many other orders and guidance from our leaders around the world and the United States, distribution is being done in a varied amount of methods, especially the latter. Furthermore, when you break it down by states, distribution plans are left up to either the state, county or other local governing board. This makes it very complicated and typically doesn’t have the same vaccination hierarchy.