A Journal Entry

Because We Can

Last weekend it was mother's day and I had yet to purchase a gift for my mother.Time was running out and I didn't know what to do.I didn't plan accordingly to make sure a gift was secured in advance.So I had to go on a whim, with the advice of my sister.I would have to… Continue reading Because We Can

A Journal Entry

Sense of Accomplishment.

For some people it's easy to join a gym.For me it was hard to do just that.

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Wellness Wednesday: Learning A Lifestyle Change

As we reach the midpoint of November, at the end of October I learned that I gained a significant amount of weight back as a result of me having a continuous flow of delivery food brought to my door. I know that learning and making a lifestyle change will make me feel better and happier about my life.

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Wellness Wednesday: Getting Into the Community

As the weather cools and the height of the pandemic season looms again, I know that I need to get back out into the community and be less of a hermit. Being isolated does not do well for me and it results in decline of the work that I have done in recent years.

Christian Church Wall Panroama
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Wellness Wednesday: Keeping The Push

The last week has been very fruitful on the wellness front. With a combination of my internal fear of COVID diminishing along with spring coming in the last week, factors have provided for being not only more active physically, but more involved in my community as well.

Murray Run March 2022
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Community Stigma

Being neurodiverse and experiencing multiple mental health challenges can present problems when you are out in a world that just isn’t made for us. Although it is often said that being autistic has no look, sometimes when you face challenges that are presented when you are out in the community or because you have special needs, many times judgment is passed and you can feel it  However, you have to be the better one in the situation and be kind because if you are not, it can backfire quickly.

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Adulting: Community

As the COVID-19 Pandemic begins to wane and winter weather starts to subside, I am beginning to retrace my steps back to where I left off a little over two months ago. Now being more grounded and having more skills in my toolbox, I feel that I can champion the next goal I have and that is being part of the community I live in.