Reflections: Being Considered Lazy

To my loved ones throughout my life, I was often considered lazy. This continually-fed train of thought led me into the current chapter of my life thinking that until I learned about the amount of energy needed for me to endure the motions of the day.

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What Everyone Else Does

In recent weeks, I have been accepting the need for free time where I am not engaged in an object or item at hand. For most of my life, until I chose not to have Cable TV in my own home at 35, when it has been all I know, I am realizing that I can choose and limit the content I watch in order to keep me entertained and not so much engaged in something.

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Adulting: Autonomy, A Year Later

If you have been following my blog since the early beginnings of routine writings last year, I spoke early about autonomy. At that time, I had heard that from an advocate on Facebook and I thought what it meant, but last week, I am starting to really feel what I want it to mean.