Penn Highlands Connellsville Hospital
A Journal Entry

Set Your Mind

Today has been quite the dayI woke up and my phone fell off my body and crashed on the floor.It would shortly become inoperable.I reached out to tech support and learned that while the phone was under warranty, it would require either going to the repair center an hour away and waiting for it to… Continue reading Set Your Mind

A Journal Entry

Because We Can

Last weekend it was mother's day and I had yet to purchase a gift for my mother.Time was running out and I didn't know what to do.I didn't plan accordingly to make sure a gift was secured in advance.So I had to go on a whim, with the advice of my sister.I would have to… Continue reading Because We Can

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Understand The Story

TW/CW: mention of suicide*from solely my perspective*As I started my day today, I felt intense hunger pangs. Being autistic, I struggle with interception and as such my body was telling me that I needed to make nourishing my body a priority.My automatic response was looking at being lazy and having breakfast brought to me, however… Continue reading Understand The Story