The Importance of “Me” Time

As I am writing this blog post, I am doing so on my scheduled mental health day. What I once thought was something silly, then when I originally scheduled one almost two years ago that turned tragic finally after a very long time has come to fruition. With the ability to understand that things that are part of my normally scheduled routine are on what I think is a schedule, I am learning that they can wait on a day like today.

Concentraing On COVID: Getting Back in Rhythm

Last weekend was a doozy of a weekend. Beside my home, the only place I went was to the neighborhood dollar store. COVID fears have set me back over time for fear of whether or not I will contract the virus. While part of this in my humble opinion is due to the fear mongering that is staged by the media, part of it is a result of my heightened anxiety about things. Sometimes we just need to rationalize and realize that doing some things in life really isn’t all that bad.

Concentrating On COVID: Fearmongering

While this COVID-19 Pandemic continues on nearing the two-year anniversary of what is known as the Pandemic. When COVID-19 was established as a pandemic back then, it was suggested it would be over in just two weeks, then they needed a month more, then another month before things got somewhat normal. However, nearing year two, it seems with the advancement of vaccines and such, the numbers are not as emphasized or hyped about as much.

Wellness Wednesday: Your Internal Guard

When we think of wellness, it is good to remember that we are not only in the food and drink arena but the overall arena of being well mentally too. Part of that is building and attempting to keep up a defense wall of sorts to not let yourself become easily influenced whether that is a food or drink item or someone influencing you to do something you are uncomfortable doing.

Concentrating On COVID: Third Time’s A Charm

By the title of this weeks’ Concentrating On COVID Post, you can determine that I got my COVID booster (third shot). While I had some hesitations about whether or not to get it or having to “bank” time to have symptoms, I know I did the right thing by having extra armor that I need to remain safe around others.

Adulting: Trying to Stop the Self-Pity Train before it departs

The last few days I have been aboard the self-pity train. I know lately I have been there alot and I have little reason to be. Earlier this month, I was more on a vocalized role with my parents at a time they did not need it because of a handful of deaths of those known to us. Now, my new method is pouting myself to sleep because I think I have such a horrible life when in fact it isn’t that bad.

Union Station News; Volume 1, Issue 8; November 2021

Note: As part of my Day Program, I contribure to the program's newsletter. In June 2021, that Newsletter transitoned to a monthly basis as much of the elements of the program are back to a in-person status. A Special Meaning Being thankful in the month of November has a special meaning for me. Just around … Continue reading Union Station News; Volume 1, Issue 8; November 2021

Concentrating On COVID: Fear of A Repeat

As we enter another communal holiday season amongst a global pandemic, I cannot seem to forget that last Thanksgiving was likely the culprit to a semi-shutdown resulting in a Christmas that we have never experienced in modern history. While we have vaccinations and we are nearing target rates, I still fear having a repeat again this year due to the inaction of many to take the proper precaution.