Adulting: Accepting Changes

For many autistics, being able to accept changes can be difficult for some to tolerate. Many may react in a negative manner or they may obsess over it and try to come up with other scenarios of why it doesn’t need to change or have a solution that meets their needs. However, it must be understood that change sometimes has to be accepted even though it may be difficult.

Reflections: Managing Life’s Challenges

The Route 43 Searights Mainline Toll Barrier of the Mon-Fayette Expressway

Being autistic, it can be hard to accept when changes occur to our daily routine that we may not see beneficial. But when you add in further change that can happen in short notice and not know how your day is going to go, it can be difficult to manage your demeanor and not react to the change because it is different. I apparently have been doing better in this regard and it proves that some small changes that I have implemented on my own have helped in this regard.

A Year Later. I recovered and I listened.

Fayette County Behavioral Health Administration Building

I took a picture of my serving of cheesecake last year as the day program was celebrating #NationalCheesecakeDay. Shortly after, due to a multitude of factors, I experienced an intense meltdown because I was Unable to regognize the signs and take care of myself earlier. It was what started the process of learning and growing … Continue reading A Year Later. I recovered and I listened.

Adulting: Autism and Anger

Looking Up at Laurel Hill Beach House October 2014

Recently, somebody asked me, does autism cause anger? I seriously had to choose my words wisely because while autism is a neurological condition, certain environmental factors can be the cause of an autistic person experiencing anger if they do not have the tools in their toolbox to properly manage their emotions at that moment.

Adulting: Brewing Thoguhts, Irrational Fear, and Anger

Summer Greetings

In the three and a half decades in my life I have grown so much into a mature adult. I know that I need to ‘grow up’ as my therapist says because I haven’t dealt with the irrational fears and the brewing thoughts. The anger has been mostly subdued into a verbal form, but I know that there is room for improvement.