Murray Run March 2022
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Community Stigma

Being neurodiverse and experiencing multiple mental health challenges can present problems when you are out in a world that just isn’t made for us. Although it is often said that being autistic has no look, sometimes when you face challenges that are presented when you are out in the community or because you have special needs, many times judgment is passed and you can feel it  However, you have to be the better one in the situation and be kind because if you are not, it can backfire quickly.

West Yough Boardwalk March 2022
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Adulting: Sense of Freedom

Being independent comes with a sense of freedom, From how we choose to decorate, buy, wear, our routines, our interactions, our involvement and so much more. What also comes with freedom is an equal amount of responsibility to carry out that freedom. In order to maintain optimum independence, both must be maintained sensibly.

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Wellness Wednesday: A Final Wake-Up Call

Monday night was one of those days. It was the usual Mondays, off to work a stop at the day program to check in and then later in the afternoon to TOPS. TOPS, short for Take Off Pounds Sensibly, has been in existence for over 70 years and has a mission of being a non-profit and helping people Take and eventually Keep Off Pounds Sensibly.