Wellness Wednesday: Goal-Bound

Christmas Eve 2022 Benches

Getting healthy and losing weight can be a struggle. Getting started is the hardest thing about taking initiative to make a change to do something about it. It isn’t the easiest or most wanted thing to do, but knowing that it will improve yourself and provide a sense of accomplishment is worth everything in the end.

Wellness Wednesday: Slow Progress Is Best

West Yough Bride March 2022

The past week in the Wellness realm has been more focused on making small changes and realizing that those matter than the number on the scale. While seeing numbers on the scale drop, it is equally as important to begin to make small changes so that we are not hit hard on in the future.

Wellness Wednesday: The Blame Game

Year Round Fountain Panorama January 2022

As we enter the third month of 2022 with intentions of being healthier as I was a few weeks ago, reluctantly I continue to self-sabotage my work with faults that are unhealthy, yet I want to pass the blame to others as a casualty as to why I fall “off” the wagon. I must learn that I need to take responsibility and accept the choices I make because they are in my court.

Wellness Wednesday: Why I Need to Care

Pedestrian Underpass

As many know, losing weight has been an ongoing battle for decades. I know that I love my body for what it is, but I need to work on losing weight not from a standpoint to impress anyone, but as a means of improving my health. I am the only one that I will be doing it for which means that I am the only one behind the change.

Wellness Wednesday: Making Strides

Looking Up at Laurel Hill Beach House October 2014

Following up with the explanation of my journey of personal growth has made me realize the need to be well along with acceptance, discovery and growth. While I have grown into  a man that knows what is acceptable versus what is not acceptable in the public eye, I realize in order to represent myself properly, I must be overall aware of my total wellness in doing so.

Wellness Wednesday: Trying My Best

Early 2022 Sunrise

On Monday, I shared with you my burnout. It got to me and I realized the need to be more on point with my need to reset and recharge sometimes. It also made me realize that I need to be more vigilant with my mental health and while I have thought I had been taking care of myself, I need to do better.

Wellness Wednesday: 2022 Rededication

Winter Sunset

So with the winter being the way it has been along with the COVID spikes. I have not had the opportunity to visit my weekly weight loss support group for over seven weeks. Learning that I had a loss of just one pound over that time has energized me to keep going in the journey and rededicate myself to getting real for 2022.

Wellness Wednesday: Trying My Best

Winter Weather View January 2022

I am at a place now where I am more content and can learn from experience. Compared to even a few months ago when you could see small signs by me masking when I wasn’t doing what I needed to do, there has been an improvement and many of my supporters can see a difference.

Wellness Wednesday: Learning To Savor

As many know, I had a good start to losing weight in 2022, however it came with a setback this past week into this current week. I am hoping to get back on track as I have a saving grace that will pave the way forward towards me getting to my goals for 2022.