Actress With Autism Set To Return In TV Comedy

by Shaun Heasley, Disability Scoop | March 9, 2021 Kayla Cromer, who has autism, plays Matilda on Freeform's "Everything's Gonna Be Okay." (Mitch Haaseth/Freeform) New episodes of a television comedy starring an actress with autism are on the way. The cable network Freeform, which caters to teens and young adults, said it will kick off a … Continue reading Actress With Autism Set To Return In TV Comedy

Concentrating On COVID: The First Dose, Judgement Free

As I shared on the majority of my social media channels the other day, I received my first dose of the COVID-19 Vaccine. While many who are in desiring to be back to normal life long for a vaccine, they are often the ones to judge, “why do they get to get a vaccine compared to me?” The truth is, we all want to be on the race to herd immunity and yes like many things of life that may seem unfair, we don’t know the true story of why one is getting vaccinated.

Gainfully Employed 11 Years – and I didn’t even wan t to work

On March 10, 2010 I started a new endeavor as a Consumer Satisfaction Team Member. Although I didn’t know it, this job would require me to oftentimes interact with complete strangers. For several years, my work schedule was sporadic at best. I struggled with the days that I had to go to work because anxiety built up continually. Eventually I would become comfortable with my work, it would provide me additional opportunities and now is second nature for me.

How to Make Moving House Easier on Your Child

Moving house with kids can feel pretty chaotic, but if you have a child with autism, it’s important to consider how it feels from their shoes. Although not all children with autism are alike, it’s extremely common for kids on the spectrum to get a lot of anxiety about change. If even minor changes in routine leave your kid frazzled or out of sorts, then it’s important to make sure you tackle moving house as compassionately as possible.

To go off the past is tempting, but I am reminded of how it makes me

When evening comes, I realize that it is time to take my pills because I consciously look at that clock because that certain hour is nearing and I know it. A lot of times I think “What if I just skip this one time?” I am ashamed to admit that I’ve done it and while I spend the majority of the evening on a manic high because of my inability to sleep. I am often reminded how others see the ways I act in the coming days and then I know that I must medicate.

Adulting: Self-Regulation

So, this week partly I have been focusing on self-regulation. This topic has sparked an interest in me because I have been hearing about it from other advocates and their autistics have been doing this. I, being diagnosed over twenty years ago and now learning things on my own am discovering these terms as we go along. I had an epiphany of when and why I need to recognize when to self-regulate on a more constituent basis.