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Out of the Comfort Zone

Since being in the new environment over a year and a half ago after being absent from the community that I love for several months, I keep putting off in many cases many of the things that I once did for my personal freedom. It continues to be a conversation in the course of my weekly treatment and as things continue to advance, I keep deflecting from the real initiative of just getting out and doing the things that I love.

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Wellness Wednesday: Mood Regulation, Caffine and Energy

Over the course of the past few weeks, my mood has been anything but stable. I am now hopefully under the understanding that there is a reason that I must do things, not because someone is telling me that I need to do them, but in order to be well, it has become paramount for things to be the way that they have to be so that I can manage my mood effectively.


Medication Management

One of the struggles I've had being Independent. Medication Management Whenever I get it, I get it. Everyone enjoys me and I can manage life. I know medication is not for everyone. But for me, it's a life saver. It means I can function and be some kind of normal. It also means that it… Continue reading Medication Management

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Reflections: Radical Acceptance

Sometimes, we have to accept things for what they are, despite thinking they shouldn’t be that way. Many times we like to be able to control the things and how they happen, however, we are in many cases not in the driver’s seat or the one who has the power to control those decisions. While we may not agree with the decision that is made for us, we must accept it for what it is because we are not in harm’s way or in immediate danger.

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Adulting: Prioritizing Tasks and Routine

As we approach Independence Day in the United States and not only be thankful for the freedoms to be an independent country, we also sometimes as autistic individuals are held captive on the routines that we thrive on and cannot many times see completing things other than the ways we have known.