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Adaptability to Flexibility

This week as much as last week has been a challenge. As autistics we oftentimes like things to happen precisely as we predict them. Sometimes, there are abrupt, unavoidable challenges to our routines or changes to our schedules that we don’t see coming.

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Wellness Wednesday: Taking Care of IT

The past week and the entire month of July has been a challenge in regards to me losing weight. For a while I had the thought of “I don’t care what anyone thinks,” kind of attitude. It proved me wrong. The answer that I think that I need to get me back on track with both weight loss and also being well is to cut the soda.

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COVID-19 Series

Concentrating On COVID: A Fearful Return

As we turn the corner on a new month, I am beginning to see the changes that we once strayed away from return back to what they once were. I am increasingly seeing more persons wearing masks in the store and more of the “not let it slide” thing occur. It is a part of life and is how we fight our fight.

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Adulting: Breaking Points

All human beings have breaking points when becoming irritated. However, autistics have certain triggering and breaking points that because of sensory or other overload or triggers of information that may be empathetic of how their day is that it becomes the point that they reach their breaking point.