Adulting: Inclusion and Fairness

While in the modern era, we advance to the need for inclusion everywhere we look such as sports, activities, the classroom and so forth, it is also important to teach autistics and others with special needs that life just isn’t fair and sometimes we all can’t be winners.

Concentrating on COVID: Challenges and True Allies

Change in autistics is a known challenge, I oftentimes mask what I am feeling and then vent it out to someone that I consider it my safe person. But when someone who wants to be there for me says don’t be in a negative attitude and that they care so much that I can’t push them away because they show that they care.

Wellness Wednesday: Keep The Balll Rolling

Another week has come and gone since my last check in. I haven't disappointed you as 2.5 pounds  just this week. In just six weeks I have lost 13.75 pounds. I have never in my almost fifteen-year journey at my local weight loss support group I’ve lost that amount of weight on a continual basis

For Spanish-Speaking Families, An Uphill Battle For Special Needs Services

Rubi Saldaña vividly remembers the moment in 2010 when she realized her then 2-and-a-half-year-old son, Abner, didn’t act like the other toddlers at her Mommy and Me class. Instead of interacting with the other children and participating in activities, Abner spent the entire class climbing on tables and chairs.