Concentrating on COVID: Realizing I need Help

Tonight, as I am writing, I had a really bad day. My supports all cancelled on me, and I know it wasn’t my fault. But It gave me a sense of pouty kind of attitude, sometimes you just need to just talk to someone. COVID is teaching me more and more everyday the need for … Continue reading Concentrating on COVID: Realizing I need Help

Braylen Noble

Police find body of Braylen Noble after days-long search Adapted from Article on WTVG Braylen Noble TOLEDO, Ohio (WTVG) - The Lucas County Coroner has confirmed that the body found in the pool on Gibraltar Heights Drive in Toledo Wednesday was that of three-year-old Braylen Noble. “At this point, it’s turned from a missing person … Continue reading Braylen Noble

A Call towards Better Care of Autistic Individuals in Response to the Police Involved Shooting of 13 Year Old Linden Cameron

Linden is now recovering and there is an investigation underway. The incident happened in Glendale Utah. Advocates such as myself have gone onto social media to ask for more nationwide first responder & Crisis Intervention Training. #autism #firstresponder

Adulting: The Myriad of Organization

Now with the surpassed amount of autistic individuals out there, many think that Autism and OCD and ADHD are asynchronous, however many either possess one or the other, this can either make or break ones organization skills. There is a common denominator with the two other disorders and that is they don’t mix.

Union Station Weekly; Vol. 3, Issue 5; September 4, 2020

What do you do For Self-Care? Self-Care for me is knowing that I have to keep busy, but not too busy that I am overwhelmed. This is done by making time to do interests that I enjoy and not by doing things like excessive work that irritates me excessively. I also know that by focusing … Continue reading Union Station Weekly; Vol. 3, Issue 5; September 4, 2020

COVID Is Telling Me To Re-Tool and Re-Build

Jumonville Cross on a Summer Day

Now, I am slowly in the process of forgiving others. I have come to realize that people don’t put me in situations, but the end result is how I handle it. Reading the Bible has come a healthy thing of my recovery and is essential to starting my day in a positive way.

Concentrating On COVID: Making Changes

Recently, If I am honest, I’ve been struggling lately, However, I know for a fact that it is through no fault of my own. I control my emotions, plain and simple. Being on a modified schedule due to COVID is rough, but it is not an excuse. I need to pull myself together, because everything that I have can be pulled away from me because of MY Actions.