Why I Don’t Like Halloween

Halloween is near
Many find it exciting
However I never wanted to believe
Because I don’t find it interesting

Recently I went through my childhood photos that were my grandparents
I have worn a multitude of costumes
But for the last four years, I wore the same costume twice
Why you ask, I never processed until now

The truth is I always disliked Halloween.
Back when I was in Elementary School
It meant a change in routine.
We were sent home to change into our costume
And they’re were other changes
Like parading around the neighborhood or school
Then a loud party.

Come to think of it, one year I acted out
But no one knew why
The truth was I hated parties
Although for the majority of four years
I would have the same classmates
that knew me oh so well
I acted prior as a way to possibly get out of the party

But this was just as Asperger’s was defined in the DSM-IV
And the professionals (just educators then) just thought I was being a brat.
For they or no one understood, that this and any holiday was difficult for me.

I also went trick or treating, although I rarely ate the candy, and I dont have any now
I liked the potato chips and simple things
A treat was that house on Fifth that gave a can of Coca-Cola, I always enjoyed that house.
I never made a fuss about trick-or treating, I just did it to satisfy my family.

I recently read the Facebook Page Conversations with Chevy, of which I relate to so much
His mom talks about sensory issues with Hockey Gear when he was young and how
he couldn’t wait to get it off. I now realize that I felt the same about Halloween Costumes.
They were itchy and uncomfortable and hot, and I couldn’t wait to get them off.
They’re was even one my mother made me out of a Richard Scarry book with a garbage bag and construction paper (it was an owl).
Nonetheless, I obliged but I could’nt wait to get it off.

After being diagonsed I still brushed it off, however it comes back
The local amusement park has a halloweened themed fall celebration
And my family likes to take the younger ones, however I dislike it
The other components frighten me like the music and decor
However, I manage not to disapoint because I dont like to make a fuss
and I dont have to make wear a costume
But they have some pretty good photo ops, which are cool.

In my apartment you won’t find anything scary
Instead, I have a handful of harvest decorations
And I’m ok with that because that’s the life I live.

Lastly, there’s this craze abou the Blue Pumpkin.
Lets not call out individuals on the spectrum by using that color as a symbol.
Remenber that Autism is a very broad and diverse neuroligical conditoon
Also diverse is the range of verbalization and articularity.
Therefore, should you be having trick-or-treaters,
Educate yourself on ALL conditions children today face,
so you are prepared to be aware of all needs that today’s children face.
Because, like me,  they too will be adults someday
and need to be accepted in the communities that they call home.



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